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Location Oxfordshire

Brand Redesign, 2023

Location Oxfordshire is a signposting service for people looking to film tv programmes and film in Oxford and greater Oxfordshire. I was approached to lead the brand redesign for the relaunch of the brand, as the last time it had been refreshed was the late 2000's, I worked closely with the web designer and the staff of Film Oxford in order to create a visual identity that really represented their brand.

Alongside creating the brand, I was also tasked with redesigning the out of date film trails, detailing where different films and tv shows have been filmed in Oxford. Using my newly developed brand guidelines, I revamped the old trails, conducting my own research to change the His Dark Materials trail to the new BBC adaptation rather than the old films. 

I wanted to condense the trails down, as they're designed to be printed at home, and a two page limit means that they can be printed on a single sheet of paper. This also meant that I had to make sure to not utilise full bleeds, as most home printers aren't capable of it and would cut off borders.

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