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Creative Lights

Collaborative Promotional Design with Rose Hill Youth Group


Creative Lights is an event for the Oxford Christmas Lights Festival 2021.  I was thrilled to be asked to help design their advertising for the event as I always love designing for local causes. 

The brief included designing an A3 poster and A5 flyer in collaboration with a group from the Rose Hill Junior Youth Club, which was a very rewarding experience. This included helping run a three hour workshop with a small group of attendees of the youth club to get their opinions and help with designing the ephemera.

After designing the printed ephemera with the group, I moved on to independently develop the social media assets for them to promote the event. This included a facebook event image, a facebook banner and instagram stories. 

Final Festive Lights A3 Poster 2.png

A3 Poster Design

A5 FLYER 1.png
A5 FLYER 2.png

A5 Flyer, front and reverse

Insta Story 1.png
Insta Story 3.png
Insta Story 2.png

Instagram Stories

Header Option 2.png

Facebook Cover and Facebook Event

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