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He Pities The Plumage,

2022 ISTD Assessment Submission

Plumage Cover Small_ .png

"He Pities The Plumage," is a book designed for  the 2022 ISTD assessment. The brief entailed choosing a book from Pavillion's top 100 books that changed the world list and reimagining it in a modern context. I chose Thomas Paine's "The Rights of Man".


The title comes from the Paine quote:

"He Pities The Plumage,

but Forgets The Dying Bird."

Download the PDF here.

dying bird2.png
dying bird__edited.png

The cover of the book was made using a linocut of a dying bird I designed. I wanted kept it abstract and graphic to counteract the weathered effect the leather paper would have when printed on. The internal pages are made with digital printing for the right hand pages and a Silver-Reed 500 typewriter for the left pages and introduction. 

Test Lino Prints

Digital sketch and Silhouette

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